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Pétition officielle FULL MÉTAL PLANÈTE

Liste des signataires ayant autorisé leur publication

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Date Prénom Nom Titre Commentaires
06/04/2020 CyberXTieri CyberXTieri Eskadron -- brand loved by riders all around the w Eskadron is among the most valued high-street manufacturers in the world that specializes in the production of high-quality equestrian clothing and equipment. This Italian concern has been set by Pikeur wanting to fit up with the jockeys' needs, have been searching for professional but also fashionable equestrian accessories. So, why is Eskadron so special and why their selections are therefore popular among passengers?Eskadron Why do riders from all over the world love this brand?
Eskadron is tremendously popular among horseriding fans for twelve or more years today. This brand's products are distinguished by their high quality attention to detail. Eskadron is also appreciated for their exceptional practicality, elegance, innovativeness of their own projects, modern design and style, and also availability. The brand's offer includes both pro items and ones for amateur riders. Thus, you can find basic design clothes, expert equestrian, and assorted accessories necessary for your appropriate saddling of a horse. Eskadron offers saddle cloths, halters, rugs, bell boots for horses, vases, fly vases, drapes, but also hoodies, t-shirts, breeches, even show coats. All products include the eu, which in addition verifies their quality.Eskadron's ranges
Eskadron has many selections. Many are seasonal, others are constantly accessible their own offer. The most Well-known collections of this brand are:
Vintage Sports - launched twice a year, this line consists exclusively of horse equipment. Products out of this collection are very easy, in conventional soft colors but at precisely the same time very elegant.
Platinum Card - launches once a year for those who enjoy conventional solutions. You will mostly find gray and black colors along with delicate picture themes.
Young Star - lineup for kids that begin their adventure with horseriding. It has basic horseriding accessories in bright colors and extraordinary patterns.
Equestrian Fanatics - clothing line made for riders that like to stick out. Available coats, hoodies, and backpacks successfully combine casual clothing with equestrianism.
Classic offer - Their steady offer of clothing, equipment, and accessories. It is possible to find services and products used for training and regular rides but additionally elegant show clothing.

Eskadron is a fresh used by riders from all around the globe. For the benefit of safety and riding both yours and your horse's, it is worth investing in highquality articles, which will permit you to fully enjoy this sport that is exceptional.
28/01/2020 MichaelDem MichaelDem News 2020
05/12/2019 Jo Held    
25/11/2019 ERIC PIZON    
08/09/2019 NICOLAS SELLIER    
23/05/2019 Mathieu      
17/01/2019 Yann Goulier Un remake, un reboot!!!  
13/12/2018 Serge Vanhove    
03/11/2018 Michael Bastien    
01/10/2018 Mathieu Gautier    
28/07/2018 Joel Rozan    
16/06/2018 frederic witkowski   M'enfin !
05/04/2018 Cyrille KEHR    
27/03/2018 Philippe Conseil    
07/01/2018 playmorico Playmorico    
07/01/2018 Aymeric      
25/11/2017 philippe maton    
11/11/2017 Patrice Boubin    
17/08/2017 Sonny Lei    
08/06/2017   baudry    
31/01/2017 SanAndreasGames SanAndreasGames Hello ... Super :)))
17/10/2016 Marc Lecointre Full metal planet  
17/10/2016 Marc Lecointre    
14/09/2016 jerome jerome    
03/09/2016 Colin Curtil    
30/07/2016 Andy Andy    
21/07/2016 Cedric Diebolt    
04/05/2016 David LAGRUE    
24/03/2016   MASSON    
15/03/2016 Qui Peccavit    
12/03/2016 Cyril Mercier Full Metal Planete  
04/02/2016 stephane szalma    
10/01/2016 rayen smida   nono
oui amicose
02/01/2016 Mathieu Buttoud    
09/12/2015 David Ashleydale    
11/10/2015 philippe Queyroux    
14/09/2015 Jean-Claude FABROL   Pourquoi ne pas faire du financement participatif en passant par Kickstarter ?
30/05/2015 Philippe Delerce    
24/05/2015 gilles thibault    
21/05/2015 jerome salmon    
19/05/2015 Xavier      
17/05/2015 emmanuel estrade    
02/05/2015 Luis Fernandez    
02/05/2015 Nicolas CANLER    
08/04/2015 josselin blanchard    
02/04/2015 Pierre A RENAUD    
27/02/2015 laurent lachaise    
29/08/2014 Nicolas PEREZ    
22/08/2014 Alexis Champetier    
17/08/2014 christophe marais M.  
11/08/2014 Ariane van de Werve    
11/08/2014 David Maton    
14/06/2014   ALLAIN    
14/06/2014   ALLAIN    
11/06/2014 joel tigoulet    
04/06/2014 Jean-Charles MEUNIER    
27/05/2014 David Moissenet   Une version ipad ferait un carton, non?
29/04/2014 Jorge C. Kafka    
22/04/2014 eric cremer    
17/04/2014 Fabien Gonzalvez    
09/04/2014 stephane bernard    
01/03/2014 Vincent Kurzmann    
28/02/2014 Mary Christides    
17/02/2014 julien maudet    
06/02/2014 Fleur Delys    
02/01/2014 Maurice BRUCHET   Je connaissais ce jeu sous ATARI, mais je n'avais pas le mode d'emploi, ce serait extra de tout retrouver sur PC !
15/12/2013 Christian Wicke    
10/11/2013 Gilles Furelaud    
06/11/2013 Michael BOUDAUD    
03/10/2013 david gousset M  
23/09/2013 YANN DELEMAZURE    
20/09/2013 Emmanuel HAZARD M  
16/09/2013   allain    
06/08/2013 florent berliat    
14/07/2013 romain grimaldi    
14/07/2013 charles maurette    
04/07/2013 David Bouillon    
04/07/2013 alexandre alibert    
27/06/2013   Colomb allez! ce jeu est mythique!
20/06/2013 ocacha bezzar penser avant tout au plaisir des joueurs  
16/06/2013 Nael MOUSSA    
03/05/2013 Luc Rigolot    
01/05/2013 pierre BAYARD    
11/03/2013 Jean-Pierre Bailly    
27/02/2013 Olivier ISRAEL    
17/11/2012 Pierre Crette    
14/11/2012   farganel    
14/11/2012   farganel    
12/11/2012   Masson    
20/10/2012 Escobar Sebastien    
02/10/2012 Alexei Kondratiev    
26/09/2012 Philippe Thelier    
20/09/2012 Mark Conway Mr I remember playing the Atari ST version of this when I was younger. I would love an up to date computer version, or the ability to by the board game to play with friends.
19/09/2012   Giard    
08/09/2012 Rafael Vaillant    
07/09/2012 David Reeves    
24/08/2012 eric barbare    
15/08/2012 Nils Blanchard   j'attend ce jeu avec tellement d'impatience...
09/07/2012 Gilles      
07/07/2012   TOSTAIN    
30/06/2012 Emmanuel Bey    
24/06/2012 Marion Soprani    
06/06/2012 Antoine VOISIN    
03/06/2012 romain fabreguettes    
02/06/2012 Dominik Pelletier    
01/06/2012 Samuel Boublil    
25/04/2012 gaetan filet    
21/04/2012 Mordecai Vertecimes    
13/04/2012 eric curtat    
20/03/2012 stephane leti    
13/03/2012 Patrice Boubin    
13/03/2012 Hai Tran    
05/03/2012 Guillaume Bastide    
15/02/2012 gerard MATHIEU auteur salut Skroll, salut pilotes, salut soutiers

I'm back Tex Flytox
10/02/2012 jean-michel Lucas   Pour le retour de Full Metal Planete
08/02/2012   Pommier    
17/01/2012 jean-paul kirkbride Mr  
16/01/2012 Andreas   Graf von Leonstein  
13/01/2012 sylvain meulan    
08/01/2012 Ludovic AUGUSTIN Sieur  
02/01/2012 Olivier Raquin    
27/12/2011 Guillaume COLAISSEAU    
17/12/2011 Thibaut de Latude    
03/12/2011 Philippe ROBERT    
15/11/2011 Thomas   M  
14/11/2011 stephane da cunha    
12/11/2011   Falque    
08/11/2011 Uwe Kriening    
06/11/2011 fabrice delprat    
18/10/2011 Tero Oinonen Mr Full Metal Planete on Amiga was one of the greatest games ever. I really want a board game version!
17/10/2011 Stefan Reimers    
15/10/2011 Paulo Augusto Lord It's about time. And this time with a modular random map, so each game is different.
11/10/2011 Daniel Danzer    
02/10/2011 Sebastien Makhlouf Ludothecaire  
02/10/2011 william rigoulot    
02/10/2011 Bertrand Marin    
25/09/2011 Franck Pont    
17/09/2011 Gilles GRILLOT Mr  
17/09/2011 Marc Gouyon-Rety   Most excellent game that I remember fondly from when I was a student back then in France. Lots of atmosphere and tension, great gameplay, superb components: please get it back in print ASAP!
13/09/2011 Vivien Haag    
11/09/2011 Alain Chaurand    
11/09/2011 Alain Chaurand    
11/09/2011 damien garnier    
24/08/2011 yannick hilaire   Si possible une version peinte
22/08/2011 Pierre Gauthereau Monsieur  
18/08/2011   BRUNET    
18/08/2011 olivier uriot    
17/07/2011 Yann      
12/07/2011 Cedric LIGEONNET    
08/07/2011 Cedric Mottin    
26/06/2011 Ted Sunhede Fulk    
21/06/2011 jean michel malatia full metal planete  
13/06/2011 Patrick Lampin    
25/04/2011 Harold Peschet    
21/04/2011 paul wolters    
10/04/2011 stephane da cunha   Bonjour
Autrement choisissez la plateforme pour iphone
08/04/2011 Youen le Foll    
07/04/2011 Philippe Argoud    
18/03/2011 ESCOBAR SEBASTIEN reedition Quand je vois le prix de l occasion, je pense que le reediter sera une opportunite pour tout le monde
17/03/2011   LEBRETON    
16/03/2011   Aribaud    
13/03/2011 Florent PULLUARD    
16/02/2011 mathieu GAUTHRAY    
15/02/2011 yannick duval    
12/02/2011 vincent HERTAY Monsieur  
07/02/2011 JOhn Sizemore   Designer board games have become much more popular in the past year or two in the US. It would be an excellent time to re-publish!
07/02/2011 xavier alvarez    
03/02/2011 Manu Corne de boe    
26/01/2011 Patrick MEYER    
24/01/2011 mayrik padey    
14/01/2011 Erwan Demairy    
12/01/2011 Olivier LACH M.  
11/01/2011 yohann rebattu    
05/01/2011 Tristan Van Gyh   Indispensable!!!
14/12/2010 Alain DENEUBOURG    
14/12/2010 philippe queyroux    
12/12/2010 Pierre Lecourt    
08/12/2010 Fred Urbain   Vive FMP ! L'un des meilleurs jeux que je connaisse !
04/12/2010 Pierre-Charles THOLLET    
18/11/2010 mirko gruenwald    
10/11/2010 fabrice delprat    
07/11/2010 Michael Mitchell    
02/11/2010 vincent falquet    
02/11/2010 jean marc baud    
02/11/2010 mathieu pupin    
29/10/2010 Romain Monger    
26/10/2010 Frank Niederhauser    
26/10/2010 Rico Steffen    
26/10/2010 Benoit Steinmetz    
12/10/2010 David Buchmann   Please!
01/10/2010 Nahoum Anthony   J'ai de merveilleux souvenirs de ce jeu de mes annees au lycee et j'ai retrouve un groupe de joueurs depuis a qui j'en ai parle et on aimerait beaucoup pouvoir jouer !!
01/10/2010 Yoann PELTIER    
01/10/2010 Pierre Capeau   Ce serait top de pouvoir depenser quelques sous pour acheter des cailloux (en plus du reste du matos ;) )
01/10/2010 Christophe CRINON    
01/10/2010 Rafael Vaillant    
29/09/2010 David Walker    
25/09/2010 Axel PEGON    
25/09/2010 pascal feliciano    
24/09/2010 stephane coutant    
13/09/2010 Sebastien Froux   excellent jeu qui met les meninges au travaille et vous oblige a faire face au stress temps/action; il merite pleinement d'etre reediter afin que de nouveaux adeptes du boardgame puissent le decouvrir. La ou j'habite maintenant, une communaute entiere de boardgamers, ne connaissant pas ce jeu serait assurement interessee par un jeu ne comportant pas de hasard.
Bonne chance!
12/09/2010 marcel simarro    
10/09/2010 Vlad Balica   Need this one badly, please reprint!!!
04/09/2010 herve delporte    
02/09/2010 Philip Miller   Please re-issue this excellent board game. I would definitely purchase it.
28/08/2010 eric curtat    
24/08/2010 John DiPonio   Been waiting for someone to snatch this up and produce it for consumers again!
24/08/2010 Marcus Fries    
23/08/2010 Filipe Cunha    
23/08/2010 Anthony Hamen   I would LOVE to see this reprinted, because I sure can't afford the original.
21/08/2010 Benoit Degrandcourt M  
16/08/2010 Damien JACQUEMIN Monsieur  
15/08/2010 Vincent Dhier    
10/08/2010 raffin jean claude    
03/08/2010 Marc RABOT    
03/08/2010 olivier MAYE    
26/07/2010 Ludwig DESMIER    
26/07/2010 David Boland    
23/07/2010   LLORCA    
21/07/2010 Cyril BARBATO M.  
08/07/2010 Robert Cordova    
08/07/2010 Mark Sautman    
07/07/2010 Evan Strauch   No reason not to have it reprinted. Enough people want it.
07/07/2010 EDIEUX Stephane    
06/07/2010 aldric pavec    
28/06/2010   ELBAZ    
26/06/2010 Sebastien Rousset    
13/06/2010 pascal feliciano    
06/06/2010 jaen pierre vecoven    
02/06/2010 chrys millien auteur BD  
30/05/2010 Sebastien Longuet Mr  
21/05/2010 Guido Gloor   This game looks lovely indeed. It'd fit into my collection really well.
18/05/2010 Jean-Louis RAOUL    
06/05/2010 Emmanuel Rachelson    
05/05/2010 Yann HUEBER    
04/05/2010 Raphael Da Silva Gomes M.  
03/05/2010 Xavier MARCHAL    
27/04/2010 Nicholas Deifel   I would really love the chance to buy this game, but the current market value for a used copy is very high.
25/04/2010 Christian MIGNOT    
25/04/2010 Michael Matecha   I played the AtariST version many years ago and would love to see the boardgame re-released!
22/04/2010 Siegfried Steurer   please give us not that rich gamers a chance to play this game!
16/04/2010 Lucas Dufour    
13/04/2010 Richard-Arnaud Cuchet    
11/04/2010 Nicolas Weiss    
11/04/2010 Matthew Ferrell    
11/04/2010 Lilian Gallet    
05/04/2010 Mathias Verdier    
01/04/2010 stephane da cunha   RE sorter une version pc et psp. C'etait vraiment un bon jeux.
01/04/2010 Ben Allen    
25/03/2010 frederic de conink bublymoon  
23/03/2010 Gunther Schmidl   As the 1,000th signee, I hope this comes to frutition.
20/03/2010 Alexis ROMBEAUX M  
19/03/2010 John Kesler   Please reprint!
21/02/2010 vincent gozal    
21/02/2010 marc Gennevois sauveteur  
18/02/2010 Gerald Squelart   I've played this game since its release and I think it would be successful if published again.
(fr) Ah les souvenirs de parties endiablees entre copains, j'ai passe beaucoup de weekends dessus!
17/02/2010 Patrick LAMARQUE Mr  
10/02/2010 Florent Leguern    
02/02/2010 emmanuel abel    
29/01/2010 Thomas Fredericks    
23/01/2010 Pierrick Godard enseignant J'anime un club jeu dans mon college. J'ai des joueurs de full metal planete en herbe. Heureusement que je possede un jeu , sinon.......
23/01/2010 Diego D'OLIVEIRA GRANJA    
12/01/2010 Ronald Lacer    
11/01/2010 Julien Gross    
09/01/2010 Lilian Gimenez    
09/01/2010 ced gamaro    
08/01/2010 Didier Paradis    
07/01/2010 Cyrille KEHR    
07/01/2010 Karsten Keese MBA  
05/01/2010 Justus Kelloniemi    
31/12/2009 Yannick Hilaire    
31/12/2009   Glaz    
28/12/2009   Breillat    
28/12/2009 Laurent FRANCHI Monsieur  
20/12/2009 Mark Robinson   I never had the chance to buy this boardgame back when it was being produced. Thanks to reviews on the internet, I can see what a classic game this is. Please will you examine the possibility of a reprint?
18/12/2009   Rosset    
16/12/2009   CAPRON    
16/12/2009 Etienne Besnard Mr  
25/11/2009 Emmanuel Aquin    
19/11/2009 Gauthier Descamps    
18/11/2009   PELLET    
10/11/2009 ronan chalier    
30/10/2009 Scott Michaelsen    
28/10/2009 Juan Jose Fernandez   One of the grails. A must have.
08/10/2009 geoffrey MOULIN    
25/09/2009 Cedric Nicolas    
22/09/2009 Jean-Pierre BOUCHOT    
19/09/2009 dycha laurent monsieur  
18/09/2009 Robin Lamarche-Perrin    
08/09/2009   Simon    
07/09/2009 jp goldman    
07/09/2009 jean marie le guen    
01/09/2009 Joe Panciera    
30/08/2009 cedric thomas    
26/08/2009 eric Berthebaud    
19/08/2009 Vladislav Tempez    
18/08/2009 batiste carpinetty etudiant  
18/08/2009 batiste carpinetty    
03/08/2009   Cyrulik    
30/07/2009 Lars Groeger   One of the jewels I used tp play. Gameplay, Graphics and the overall haptics ...beautiful. I would like a new one so much !
28/07/2009 Jim Anastasiaids    
01/07/2009 Keefe Pang Mr Please reprint the game!!! Thanks!!!
01/07/2009 Robin Dunoyer Full Alien Vive Full Metal le JEU de tout les temps !!!
20/06/2009 Nick Stellato    
17/06/2009 Arnaud Grosjean    
31/05/2009 Jerome Guillas    
28/05/2009 Cyril le fur    
28/05/2009 lakrouz nacer    
25/05/2009   Martin    
17/05/2009 domnique glatt    
15/05/2009 Philippe Blanchard    
14/05/2009 laurent naudin mr  
12/05/2009 yves clair M.  
05/05/2009 Damien Macomber    
05/05/2009 sebastien george   un jeu magnifique ... Depechez-vous et surtout n'oubliait pas les coffrets de plateaux ou de cartes modulables , avec des couleurs differentes ce serait genial ! ET PAS DE PIECES EN PLASTIQUE !!! Que du bon vieux metal vierge a peindre soi meme ! Merci.
25/04/2009 coralie morin    
08/04/2009   CRETON   J'en veux !
Encore !
03/04/2009   FALUOMI    
25/03/2009   JACQUES   svp... juste un petit effort...
15/03/2009 Shanti LELIEVRE    
12/03/2009 david ceccarelli    
11/03/2009 JP Chfe    
07/03/2009 Arnaud Dechelle    
25/02/2009   Leclerc    
23/02/2009 christophe Lenault Mecton  
18/02/2009 Nikolaos Diavatis    
08/02/2009 Charles Chen    
30/01/2009 Robert Coleman Dr. What are you waiting for??? This is a wonderful game. I used to play it on my Atari ST computer. Never had the boardgame, but would buy a republished edition at a wink of the eye.
29/01/2009 xavier claise    
26/01/2009   FALCIONI    
17/01/2009 Gamaliel Amaudruz   The best strategic boardgame I have played, period.
12/01/2009 Texier Morgan    
11/01/2009 PATRICE MARION M  
09/01/2009 Robert Wesley Ultra-Supreme Being Multi-Universes & Dimensions Either get that lone holdout 'git' to agree or BANISH him to some Blackhole, Wormhole, Rathole, or even his OWN "a-hole"!
07/01/2009   tartinville Pepette  
06/01/2009 John DiPonio   A GREAT game that really needs a reprint for avaliability to more gamers!
06/01/2009 Barak Engel    
04/01/2009 Bruce Murphy    
21/12/2008 Jean-Michel Buisson    
13/12/2008 Mathieu Richardoz    
08/12/2008 Cristian Lazarescu   Why indirectly support the collector's community and their over-inflated prices when there are so many gamers that actually do want to play your game?
04/12/2008 bastien revest    
04/12/2008 Amaury Aviles    
03/12/2008 Jay Schindler Professor I have a copy already...but I'd like to get additional copies. It's so good my friends want a copy too!
17/11/2008 philippe david    
17/11/2008 adam ladaika mr. I've only ever heard great things about this game, and I would love to have a chance to play.
16/11/2008 Rodolphe GROULT    
11/11/2008 philippe vincent    
10/11/2008 karim ataguema   depuis 1992 je le fait decouvrir et la questions et toujour
je peux l'achetais ou?
07/11/2008 romain grimaldi    
07/11/2008 romain grimaldi    
31/10/2008   TURMEL    
26/10/2008 stephane arguimbau    
22/10/2008   DEROUET    
19/10/2008 Luc Van Caeyzeele   Please reprint this game!
10/10/2008 Stuart Hill    
10/10/2008 Martin Bergmann    
08/10/2008 Bastien Collet S.A.S. Vive Moi !
08/10/2008 Nicolas LEMONNIER    
08/10/2008   Saussette    
08/10/2008 Bastien Ribault    
08/10/2008 Pierre-Yves      
07/10/2008 Guillaume Quintard M  
05/10/2008 Michelle Zentis   It's a FABULOUS game! Please re-release it so that more people can enjoy it. Thanks!
01/10/2008 Delphine Chapey   Quelque soit le prix...mais svp, faites qqch !!
01/10/2008 lionel Sauvion ??  
30/09/2008 Florent Diller    
29/09/2008 david vincent    
29/09/2008 Alex Granotier    
29/09/2008 Quentin Motta    
25/09/2008 Yves Preaux    
22/09/2008 Samuel Brenot    
22/09/2008 Erwan      
22/09/2008   PAILLARD M.  
22/09/2008 Fabrice      
22/09/2008 Michael Darques Dr  
07/09/2008 Victor Oddoux M.  
28/08/2008 Shin Yoo    
24/08/2008 thierry pouliquen    
19/08/2008 Michael VERDUGIER    
18/08/2008   Dubois    
17/08/2008 marion cortese mlle  
15/08/2008 Ronan Masson    
14/08/2008 Pierre HOPQUIN    
10/08/2008 Terence Lei   I really want to enjoy this game but its very difficult when its going to cost me over SGD$400 to play it. So please reprint this boardgame so that the rest of us who've just only started to love boardgames have a chance to enjoy this game.
09/08/2008 David Ells Lord of Lyrics, Duke of Discussion, Ruler of Rhyme Please republish this amazing, wonderful game!
05/08/2008 Lisa Tenera   For when the One Great Scorer comes
To write against your name,
He marks-not that you won or lost-
But how you played the game.

Grantland Rice, "Alumunus Football," Only the Brave and Other Poems, p. 144 (1941)
30/07/2008 mehdi lecourt    
20/07/2008 Yann Leflour    
19/07/2008 marc tordjman   pleeeeease
05/07/2008 Bertrand Caron Homme  
04/07/2008 Laurent LAMOUCHE    
04/07/2008 Vincent Jacquet    
02/07/2008 Jacques Boniface Full metal planet Oh oui !!! Oh oui !!!
01/07/2008 loic jegat    
29/06/2008 Olivier Blanvillain    
18/06/2008 Franck METTETAL    
18/06/2008 Cornelius Roosma    
07/06/2008 Anthony Viertz    
06/06/2008 Hugues HUSSON    
06/06/2008 Benjamin Provencher    
06/06/2008 Robo Ronan    
06/06/2008 Robo Ronan    
02/06/2008 Rex Sundstrom Fire Fighter  
30/05/2008 Dave Capogreco    
29/05/2008 Tony Stark    
28/05/2008 Dany Poirier    
26/05/2008 ismail ahmed    
14/05/2008 christian Loisel Dirigeant  
12/05/2008 Jerome Fontaine    
11/05/2008 Pierre Kempnich    
10/05/2008 Ian Halim Teaching Fellow  
05/05/2008 didier Brilland    
24/04/2008 julien guionnet   jenvejenvejenve
21/04/2008 vincent gablin    
15/04/2008 Karl Klauda    
13/04/2008 Dubois Christophe   Ce jeu est vraiment trop bien pour qu'il ne soit pas rédité!
J'en possède deux exemplaires ainsi que la boite conplémentaire qui permet de créer des cartes aléatoires.
C'est sans doute le meilleur jeu de stratégie sur plateau qui soit jamais sorti. Il faut à tout prix relançer son édition.
07/04/2008 Adrian Bai Dr  
06/04/2008   SERGENT Monsieur  
01/04/2008 Chris Morris   Looked over this fine looking game on Boardgamegeek and I would love to have the opportunity to play it!!! It just screams to be a reprint by Fantasy Flight Games at some point. Please consider!!
30/03/2008 Nicolas Platiau    
23/03/2008 rafael Vaillant    
20/03/2008 Xavier Cabanne    
02/03/2008 Jean-Hugues Morneau Hurluberlu  
01/03/2008 Christophe GUILLEY Mr  
29/02/2008 Keziah Herbert Miss Having read about this game on BBG I am extremely keen to play and would love it to be reprinted, I know i am not the only one to wish this
29/02/2008 Sebastien Maury    
26/02/2008 Jean-Michel JULLIEN Mr  
26/02/2008 Rolf Samuels    
08/02/2008 Philippe Desjardins-Proulx    
08/02/2008 Jocelyn PHILIPPE    
02/02/2008 Guillaume JAY    
01/02/2008 Evan Strauch    
31/01/2008 Ronan Marec    
24/01/2008   Antoine   Allez les auteurs s'il vous plait...
18/01/2008 Benjamin Lorentz    
17/01/2008 jerome wasterlain monsieur  
17/01/2008 Michael     I'd really like to see a re-edition by Fantasy Flight Games (plastic space ships, but real metal ore, everything doubled in size). Well, one can dream...
17/01/2008 Pedro Silva   FMP is an excellent game. I do own it and even though the fact that it is out of print makes my copy worth over $350 I'd much prefer that other games would be able to buy the game for themselves. Please reprint it...
17/01/2008 Thierry Mattray    
17/01/2008 Thierry Mattray    
17/01/2008 Mark Carline Mr  
16/01/2008   Bossin    
16/01/2008 Henri Kermarrec    
16/01/2008 jacob rouziere    
16/01/2008   Bobineau    
16/01/2008 stephane poinsot   republions ce chef d'oeuvre
16/01/2008 Eric Hanuise    
16/01/2008 Matthieu d'Epenoux Monsieur  
16/01/2008 Mathieu Narioo    
13/01/2008 Herbert Harengel    
31/12/2007   GUILLEMINOT    
28/12/2007 Olivier Casquin   SVP
23/12/2007     y cd
23/12/2007     y cd
20/12/2007 Nico Major    
16/12/2007 Myriam BLERALD    
14/12/2007 virginie laxenaire   SVPPPPPPP !!!
Je dois absolument le trouver pour l'anniversaire de mon conjoint !!!!
11/12/2007 david vincent    
11/12/2007 Sylvia Denizot    
09/12/2007 LAMBERT ULRICH    
07/12/2007 max maxime reh vive full metal planet
05/12/2007   Hrdy Hargreave   j ai attendu le retour de ce jeu depuis sa disparition
03/12/2007 stephane degeiter    
02/12/2007 Yann Serriere    
02/12/2007 Daniel Szymanski    
02/12/2007 Diego D'OLIVEIRA GRANJA Monsieur  
02/12/2007 OLIVIER CAMUS webmaster  
24/11/2007 karine fraisseix    
24/11/2007 sylvain lallement    
23/11/2007 Derrick Siegmund   Make it so :-)
17/11/2007 Matthieu Gourdon    
16/11/2007   FRANCOIS    
15/11/2007 Fabrice Lapie    
09/11/2007 Patrice Franssen M Je cheche ce jeu depuis plus de dix ans; c'est un des meilleurs jeu de plateau auquel j'ai eu la chance de jouer...
19/10/2007 david ceccarelli    
14/10/2007 Didier DIGOUIN    
14/10/2007 fabien sajid    
13/10/2007 alain grandvuillemin    
06/10/2007 thomas foissier    
25/09/2007 Mathieu Le Breton    
24/09/2007 david LORAIN M  
21/09/2007 Umberto Borredon P.I. Un gioco splendido che ho avuto modo di giocare da un amico non molto tempo fa! Impossibile da trovare in rete se non a prezzi da assurdi (anche se il gioco merita!). Firmo con piacere la petizione per una riedizione del gioco!
12/09/2007 raphael plet    
02/09/2007 Philippe RICHARD    
30/08/2007 Vincent PETIT    
25/08/2007 Julien Haut    
23/08/2007 Antoine Oberlaender    
22/08/2007 Laurent Aldon    
21/08/2007 Yves Savonet    
16/08/2007 Rami Sader    
16/08/2007 Adrien Dessemond    
16/08/2007 Carl Fournier    
16/08/2007 Guy Duval Pressier  
16/08/2007 Charles Veilleux    
06/08/2007   barge    
02/08/2007 JEROME JUVENON   aallez les gars!!!!
02/08/2007 stephane da cunha    
31/07/2007 Denis Le Bret    
29/07/2007 laurent      
22/07/2007 Nicolas Bronchart   Merci de republier au plus vite ce jeu superbe!
20/07/2007 Anthony Simons   Having played the game last nighht for the first time I can see it has some appeal; but copies are so rare! The game needs to be republished so gamers worldwide can experience "The Metal"!
14/07/2007 benoit dicnher M  
14/07/2007 Didier Dincher    
13/07/2007 fabien markart Tonton Makout Pour un retour aux vraies valeurs.
05/07/2007 Laetitia Kebe    
26/06/2007 Thierry VINCENT    
25/06/2007   Meyer    
23/06/2007   Trouillard    
30/05/2007 Loic Chevallier    
25/05/2007 Arnaud Lodiot    
17/05/2007 Michael   Herr  
16/05/2007 J. Sophie Charlotte      
04/05/2007 frederic guy    
03/05/2007   Schwaller    
29/04/2007 Dan Hyer    
29/04/2007 Philippe Delerce    
20/04/2007 eric decis cledefeu reediter nos vieux jeux sans equivalent encore aujourd'hui:full metal planet,space crusade.
de grace
05/04/2007 thomas dhervillez   allez ludo, une edition pour les 20 ans de full metal planet, ca peux le faire !!!
03/04/2007 halbardier arnaud    
03/04/2007 Lionel Wauters   Weee faut trop que ca redemarre ce jeu de ouf
02/04/2007 Johannes Thienel    
21/03/2007 ghislain lairet    
19/03/2007 anthony viertz   oui a la reediton de Full Metal Planete un jeu que je n'avais pas les moyens d'acheter a l'epoque et maintenant je le regrette vraiment ouiiiiiinnnnn
14/03/2007 Georges Da Costa    
07/03/2007 Sami CHAKROUN    
02/03/2007 ludovic Andre    
13/02/2007   Pouyer    
13/02/2007 Dave Kolacz    
12/02/2007 valentin terrier etudiant  
02/02/2007 jean paul bourdet M.  
02/02/2007 Alban BUREAU    
27/01/2007 Jean-Baptiste MOLET    
23/01/2007 Roberto ALANIA    
23/01/2007 alban coudouel    
23/01/2007 stephane jusseau    
19/01/2007 Patrick Dacremont    
12/01/2007 Yann BIZOUARNE    
27/12/2006 Todd Lang    
23/12/2006 cedric dohy    
16/12/2006 lorine benevento FMP ! FMP ! J'veux y jouer !!!
16/12/2006 samuel bernard    
13/12/2006 cedric MONGROLLE    
13/12/2006 Julian Coles    
12/12/2006 svoboda laurent mr je susi pour le retour de FMP qui es un super jeux que je suis content de retrouver mais encore plus content si je peu y rejouer chez moi sur le plateau de jeu
08/12/2006 olivier dameron    
07/12/2006 Arnauld michelizza   Un jeu absolument eblouissant !
02/12/2006 jean christian lopez mr vite vite le retour de FMP
24/11/2006 Laurent Philippot    
23/11/2006 Gregoire pousset full metal pilote depuis trop longtemps perdu dans la galaxie,en manque de minerais pour faire ronronner la pondeuse!
20/11/2006 olivier cousin    
19/11/2006 vincent chaffraix    
12/11/2006 fabrice delprat    
08/11/2006 Romain LEDOUX    
07/11/2006 Jean marc GOLLIET    
06/11/2006 Lucas Altgassen    
02/11/2006 Magnus Dreyer    
02/11/2006 david delattre enseignant  
23/10/2006 Xavier Piers    
22/10/2006 BENOIT PERRONNET OURS c'est trop bien full metal planet
18/10/2006 Nicolas de Menten    
10/10/2006   Billard   s'il vous plait, un bon geste...
10/10/2006   Aguiard    
10/10/2006 Christophe DEFER    
07/10/2006 Francois Vautier    
05/10/2006 Lucio Orlando Sociologue  
04/10/2006 LUDO ROUAULT    
28/09/2006 Pierre-Yves Franzetti    
28/09/2006 Anthony Ragonnet    
14/09/2006 Robin De Laet    
11/09/2006 Thibault Coutal    
01/09/2006 Stefan Weinzierl    
27/08/2006 yann ledisez   comment peut-on contacter le (les auteurs) pour financer une reeditions du jeu ?
27/08/2006 ian ledisez M  
25/08/2006 Rija Jeannoda    
24/08/2006 Adrian Teroux    
21/08/2006 william facqueur    
21/08/2006   NIVART    
18/08/2006 salma badaoui    
08/08/2006 Jean-Marie Hoornaert    
08/08/2006 Ben Turner Mr Just heard about this game. Read a few sites. Drooling for a copy now ! So I join the plea to the authors, please release your work to a new generation of board gamers. Well balanced games with such graphical appeal are very rare in this day and age...
07/08/2006 Olivier VALLEE   Reediter ce superbe jeux avec ses excellentes figurines.
04/08/2006 ulrich lambert   un jeu trop bien a reediter
01/08/2006 Elisabeth Moser    
28/07/2006 Laurent Birembaux    
27/07/2006 fabrice usieto    
27/07/2006 Gertraud Heigl    
24/07/2006 Martin Moser    
23/07/2006 aurelien capron    
23/07/2006 thibault gambin    
19/07/2006 Thomas Blakely   This was a awesome game. I lost mine in a house fire.Please republish it!!!!!
18/07/2006 Marc      
13/07/2006 Christophe Perry    
10/07/2006 Olivier NOSAL M.  
08/07/2006 Sylvain Laurent Warlord  
07/07/2006 Nicolas Candelier    
04/07/2006 Alexandre ETIENNE    
03/07/2006 Stephan Lange    
25/06/2006   GRATON    
21/06/2006 Jeff Sockwell   The Amiga game was great, but I'd like to see the board game re-released!
20/06/2006 Laurence Rongy    
19/06/2006 Esteban Cheu    
14/06/2006 lionel cheu M  
14/06/2006 Esteban Cheu    
06/06/2006 celine russo mlle  
05/06/2006 Kyle Rimkus    
27/05/2006 Thomas GERVET    
23/05/2006 Axel Cattouillart    
15/05/2006 Robert Coleman Dr. This is an excellent game! I played the computer version for the Atari ST many years ago. It is a classic worth publishing again as the board game.
12/05/2006 Emmanuel Cavarroc    
11/05/2006 yves clair    
05/05/2006 Adrian Bai Dr  
03/05/2006 Chris Page    
03/05/2006 bill eaton Mr  
02/05/2006 Rainer Habekost   Absolutely cool game ! Have a look on ebay - a newly developed expansion available plus the base game plus several FMP stuff ! Have fun, Rainer
02/05/2006 Tim Myers   I would love to have my own copy of this wonderful game. I played on the PC but nothing beats setting around the table with a group of friends.
28/04/2006 maxime berard    
23/04/2006 yves millot    
17/04/2006 Guillaume Savy    
15/04/2006 MAXIME LE DIRAISON    
15/04/2006 Xavier SCHERTZER    
10/04/2006 GLEIZE MArtin-Daniel    
08/04/2006 Ron Balla    
06/04/2006 raymond munier    
06/04/2006 laffond philippe    
05/04/2006 Alexandre DARROMAN    
03/04/2006   Blanc    
02/04/2006 Laurent Grout    
31/03/2006 patrick marchal    
27/03/2006 Dimitri Lecocq Monsieur  
24/03/2006 facqueur william    
20/03/2006 jeremy giraud mr  
19/03/2006   Genest   Jeu trop cool pour qu'on puisse s'en passer.
17/03/2006 paul wolters    
11/03/2006 Murielle Burgbacher    
05/03/2006 Nicolas WEISS    
28/02/2006 Brian Farrelly    
14/02/2006 Mario Boller-Olfer   The best game ever invented
11/02/2006 Nicolas Bronchart    
07/02/2006 arnaud routel    
06/02/2006 Sylvain Rousseaux joueur  
01/02/2006 Guillaume Peccoz    
31/01/2006 Laurent DE SORAS    
31/01/2006 Stefan Tegthoff    
30/01/2006 Jim GUIB    
26/01/2006 Sylvain Dietrich   Je jouais a FMP quand j'etais en France, aec des amis qui le possedaient. Maintenant immigre au Quebec, c'est devenu imposible pour moi de faire decouvrir cette merveille a mes amis. Quel dommage.
20/01/2006 Nicolas Ercolano    
17/01/2006 Rani Kellock Mr.  
09/01/2006 Dominique Mencaraglia    
07/01/2006 Dimitri Giako    
05/01/2006 Vincent Ottinger   Encore un effort...
05/01/2006 Tin Thing   Please bring it back.. even with just plastic pieces...

I've only ever had the AMiga software version..

Playing it for 'real ' would be wonderfull....
28/12/2005 florian CINTRAT    
28/12/2005 Niels      
25/12/2005 Fabienne Allain    
25/12/2005 Cyrille Chicoine    
22/12/2005 loic carpier    
22/12/2005 Pierre-Emmanuel Martin    
22/12/2005 Vincent DEBOST    
20/12/2005 Nicolas Vekony    
15/12/2005 olivier perdrix    
15/12/2005 Olivier Meunier    
15/12/2005 Christophe Ansel    
15/12/2005 renaud guilbert-roed    
15/12/2005 cyril papin    
15/12/2005 Alain Dutech    
15/12/2005 Pascal GUla    
15/12/2005   Junillon    
10/12/2005 gilles LAGNEAU    
08/12/2005 Olivier Boss    
08/12/2005 Matt Price Dr.  
04/12/2005 regis coutant   pourquoi la fin d'une si belle histoire ?
01/12/2005 Denis Raufaste    
28/11/2005 David Marsh Mr Please bring it back!
27/11/2005 Tristan Barratier    
23/11/2005 Patrice Castet    
23/11/2005 Markus Schreiber   Yes, please!
20/11/2005 David BONNET    
17/11/2005   Biojout Mr vivemen le retour
16/11/2005 Ken Wofford   Please publish this one again!
14/11/2005 Maurice Vincent    
14/11/2005 Yannick Manca    
11/11/2005 eric Cestari    
11/11/2005 Thomas Langen    
07/11/2005 olivier leroy   vite!!!!!
30/10/2005 Pierre Normand Ingenieur Un jeu de legende qui merite de renaitre de ses cendres
30/10/2005 benoit forget    
27/10/2005 Jonathan Olivier Mr  
24/10/2005 Peter Hoffmann    
23/10/2005 Ba Luc Dinh    
21/10/2005 Nicolas Cornec    
20/10/2005   CHEVALLIER    
19/10/2005 cyril barnier   Ce jeu est excellent et il serait dommage de ne pas en faire profiter les nouveaux venus et les nombreux demandeurs !
17/10/2005 Frederic Prevot    
14/10/2005 Pierre Joanne    
09/10/2005 charles froger   un petit effort ? s'il vous plait, snif !
07/10/2005 Laurent SCHMITT    
06/10/2005 michael tabianan wla akong masabi kac gus2 ko kantot lng ako
02/10/2005 yannick bellard    
28/09/2005 hubert llari   J'adore ce jeu mais comme il est introuvable, dur dur d'y jouer
25/09/2005 Dominique Guillemin    
25/09/2005 Jouret Eric M. please...
19/09/2005 Denis Souly    
17/09/2005 jean louis jardin full metal planet je connais bien ce jeux je le trouve super
et j'aimerai le voir refait pour pc il est tres cool merci davance.
15/09/2005 Fabrice Girardot Dr  
13/09/2005 JP Belanger    
10/09/2005 Emmanuel Cosme Dr  
07/09/2005 Josh McDonald    
04/09/2005 loyeux kevin    
04/09/2005 Gabriel Glachant   Probably the best board game ever made.
31/08/2005 Thierry      
30/08/2005 Steve van Bennekom   PLEASE!!!
30/08/2005 patrice goyvaerts    
30/08/2005 jean-marc goyvaerts    
29/08/2005 Dennis Watson   Please Please republish Full Metal Planet. No one wants to sell there old copies.
28/08/2005 Michael Knauer    
23/08/2005 Antoine Werner    
12/08/2005 Angeline FRANTZ Mlle  
06/08/2005   Recco    
05/08/2005 alan caplot    
05/08/2005 Kurt Langstraat   PLease bring Full Metal Planet back, with an up to date version for everyone, including us english speakers.
04/08/2005 yann le bail    
03/08/2005 Yvan Hochet    
03/08/2005 Ivan MOYA    
02/08/2005 Benjamin Colliot    
30/07/2005 Matthieu MALVOISIN    
29/07/2005 david cartier   soyons solidaire!
29/07/2005 janick chivet   Reviens
21/07/2005 Cyril Dupuch    
20/07/2005 Alexandre THEYS Mr GOD DAMN... PUBLISH IT AGAIN!!!
15/07/2005 Andreas   Herr  
12/07/2005 jammes matthieu    
08/07/2005 Bernard Stouls Mr  
05/07/2005 Laurent GREGOIRE M.  
04/07/2005 Le Moigne Solena Ms  
01/07/2005 Davide Bacchiega Mr oui oui oui, c'est un must!!
28/06/2005 guillaume de lamorte    
27/06/2005 Daniel Moosbrugger    
27/06/2005 marie bouffon   j adooore
27/06/2005 david renou    
26/06/2005 dogan sarac    
25/06/2005 Jean      
20/06/2005 Gregory JACQUOT Mr  
19/06/2005 benoit delenne    
15/06/2005 Couderc gaetan docteur  
14/06/2005 Jean-Guy NAVILLOD    
09/06/2005 dan wurster    
09/06/2005 Axel Siroy Mr  
08/06/2005 caroline lopes enseignante  
08/06/2005   Mottin    
07/06/2005 Vincent Legendre    
07/06/2005 Guillaume Quintard Monsieur  
06/06/2005 Olivier Bonnet    
05/06/2005 Didier ANGLADA Mr  
05/06/2005 Camille Martin Du Bosc    
05/06/2005 Fabien Gauthier   +1 :-)
03/06/2005   Le Bronnec   c'est triste de bloquer ca, pour des histoires de gros sous j'imagine :(
02/06/2005 Philippe Chevry Joueur  
29/05/2005 Pierre-Jean Albertini   Un excellent jeu diaboliquement simple.
26/05/2005 daniel lachance    
26/05/2005 Michael Richardson Mr  
25/05/2005 Bugaud Celine   REEDITER FULL METAL PLANETE !!!!!
20/05/2005 Youenn Faucheux    
14/05/2005 laurent bertin   moi je veux ce jeux ,alors reediter le bong sang ...
13/05/2005 Christophe BIERCK   SVP redonner-nous FMP...
10/05/2005 claude le roy    
30/04/2005 Giquelay      
27/04/2005 nicolas torres   je souhaite la reedition de full metal planet et de alien!
26/04/2005 Jesse Miller Mr.  
26/04/2005 guido aprea We are interested in publishing I am the owner of an italian game company and i am ninterested in re publishing this game but i am not able to know who have the rights and i don't have any contact with the authors. Can someone to help me?
20/04/2005 James Bickford    
20/04/2005 julien pennecot    
10/04/2005 Jean-Philippe Achard    
10/04/2005 erik courtial    
08/04/2005 Philippe de Monneron    
08/04/2005   Baldi    
29/03/2005   Koehling    
29/03/2005   Vandeweghe    
26/03/2005 Henri Vilminko    
26/03/2005 Stephane VIENNE    
23/03/2005 Yannick EFFINGER    
18/03/2005 harold long    
17/03/2005 Laurent Dinclaux    
14/03/2005 delree frederic    
13/03/2005 Axel Kaiser    
13/03/2005 Thomas Cornec    
08/03/2005 Mirko Wachsmuth    
07/03/2005 David Coronat    
03/03/2005 Jean Val    
02/03/2005 jean-marc lahotte    
02/03/2005 arnaud pedron   en tant que ludophile convaicue je trouve que ce serait faire preuve de civisme ludique que de permettre la reedition de ce chef d'oeuvre
02/03/2005 cyril GALLIEN    
01/03/2005 Bruno Gillet    
01/03/2005 Alex Jazayeri    
25/02/2005 Pascal Gullung    
24/02/2005 Robin Fauxcoe    
20/02/2005 Matthieu Anquetil    
17/02/2005 Olivier Pastore M.  
16/02/2005 Gilles MARTIN    
16/02/2005 Guillaume Quintard    
16/02/2005 David Salmon    
15/02/2005 Michel Thayse    
13/02/2005   METEAU    
13/02/2005 agnes GILLOT Melle  
13/02/2005 baptiste remondet    
13/02/2005 Vincent Goyat    
11/02/2005   Blot-Julienne M.  
03/02/2005 Markus Hauenstein    
01/02/2005 jean luc dumas    
27/01/2005 Eivind Olsen    
26/01/2005 Pierre FEDON    
25/01/2005 JR Ewing    
25/01/2005 David Drage Mr  
25/01/2005 Edward Jamer Mr I would buy this game instantly if I could find a reasonable price. So far, $200 USD is the lowest that has been seen.
25/01/2005 fabien fromage   Want some !!!!!
22/01/2005   RUCH    
17/01/2005 Patrice BOUBIN    
15/01/2005 Nicolas Frenehard Reedition FMP Pourriez vous songer a reediter l'excellent Full Metal Planete? Apres avoir ecume differentes boutiques specialisees qui s'excusaient de ne pas l'avoir, j'ai eu confirmation que le jeu etait extremement apprecie et que de nombreuses personnes le cherchaient activement !<br />
Pour une fois qu'un jeu est genial et que la demande suit, profitez en !
04/01/2005 Anthony BAILLARD M This boardgame is amazing but I cannot find it anywhere, nobody wants to sell it !
This game must be reedited !
04/01/2005 michael baillard   Pourquoi ce refus ?!?!
02/01/2005 Nicolas WEISS    
29/12/2004 Adam Ladaika    
29/12/2004 cools pierre    
28/12/2004 Carl Devos    
23/12/2004 Pierre GARCIA Mr  
22/12/2004 Reid Miller Network Engineer I want this game. played it on the computer once and want to buy this game. board game or pc.
21/12/2004 Francis Bacon Programmeur  
16/12/2004 eric salvado    
14/12/2004 Simon LOUISET Etudiant  
10/12/2004 alain Morin M  
10/12/2004 jean louis filiol guide  
09/12/2004 Thomas Schmutz Amiral de la Flotte  
09/12/2004 Alexandre Parent   Faites revenir les hexagones ! :)
J'acheterai le jeu s'il etait reediter.
08/12/2004 David Roche    
07/12/2004 Guy DARRIEU    
07/12/2004 david bouvier mr  
07/12/2004 jean-yves morneau    
06/12/2004 hugues POULIN    
06/12/2004 pierre-antoine gauthier    
05/12/2004 PIERRE POULIN    
04/12/2004 Jean-Hugues Morneau    
29/11/2004 Julien Vion    
29/11/2004 Eric Dedieu    
26/11/2004 remy gilles    
25/11/2004 Mayol Narka    
25/11/2004 Louiset Simon    
25/11/2004 Thomas Cauchon    
16/11/2004 Bertrand Decoster    
16/11/2004 sylvain chauvet    
15/11/2004 raymond llewellyn   i need turn based games this is one of the best i played.
14/11/2004 Stefan Tegthoff    
12/11/2004 Fabien Machet    
11/11/2004 Eric   Full Metal Planet  
09/11/2004 Holger Huebner AR Dr.-Ing.  
24/10/2004 Alejandro Cobo   I think this is a great game and I WILL BUY IT if it prints again!
24/10/2004 Nicolas Artemon    
24/10/2004 benoit Massel Mr  
20/10/2004 leutwyler cedric    
18/10/2004 Marco MIGUEL    
17/10/2004 Champion Jerome    
14/10/2004 Warlet Fabrice    
10/10/2004   mallette    
07/10/2004 yohann rebattu    
05/10/2004 stanislas nanchen    
04/10/2004 Cyril Grima    
02/10/2004 Romain Delamare    
01/10/2004 benoit bodet   Oh oh oui,
Ca serait une bonne idee
en tout cas je suis preneur. A condition de ne pas se retrouver avec un materiel de pietre qualite, ainsi qu'un prix ehonte comme on retrouve sur certains sites.
01/10/2004 Guirec CHATEAU    
01/10/2004   Marcaillou    
01/10/2004 Vincent Gabela    
01/10/2004 Eric Delezie    
01/10/2004 marc giacco    
30/09/2004 Patrick CARCO SUISSE Connais pas ce jeu, mais suis solidaire de Me Corentin GARRAULT, il a les bons arguments.
29/09/2004 thierry hay Gerant d'AGROa system / Internet Service provider  
29/09/2004 Bradley Eng-Kohn    
29/09/2004 edwin robertson    
23/09/2004 Ace Neo    
22/09/2004 CARRE Isabelle    
22/09/2004 METZGER Julien Ingeneer I wanna play Full Metal Planet !
The best randomless game ever !
Please let it be published again...
22/09/2004 Markku Lappalainen   It'd be great to see this game back in print.
22/09/2004 sebastien aubry    
18/09/2004 Corentin GARRAULT professeur  
18/09/2004 Carmelo Genovese    
14/09/2004 Lefebvre Jean Michel    
14/09/2004 Florent BELLOEIL    
14/09/2004 Renaud Romagnan Death Metal Gamer  
10/09/2004 Jean-Louis GERAY    
08/09/2004 Edward Philippi Rev.  
08/09/2004 Eric Frachebois   rendez-nous full metal planet !
07/09/2004 laurent riboulet    
03/09/2004 Gilles Dicaire    
03/09/2004 Jean Yves Thiry    
03/09/2004 Damien Vuillet    
03/09/2004 Rudy Lefebvre    
03/09/2004 Cyril Vieville   Please new edition of that fabulous game
02/09/2004 emmanuel tran-huu    
31/08/2004 Christoph Doering    
29/08/2004 Philippe Argoud    
27/08/2004 Jean-philippe rizza    
26/08/2004   GUILLEMINOT    
23/08/2004   Busch-Knudsen    
22/08/2004 Thomas Durand Mr  
16/08/2004 Didier bredael    
16/08/2004 Thomas Sandner    
15/08/2004 lei saarlainen    
13/08/2004 charles maurette    
12/08/2004 blaise cyrille    
12/08/2004 olivier FLAMENT    
11/08/2004 Thomas Haettel    
10/08/2004 Jean-Baptiste CROUIGNEAU    
07/08/2004 Dominique VALLA    
05/08/2004 Alexander      
03/08/2004 laurent guittard    
31/07/2004 Antoine Briantais    
28/07/2004 Guillaume ROUZE    
25/07/2004 Nicolas     Un grand classique qui ne demande qu'a revivre tel Civ, Dune et autres
24/07/2004 Steven Willson Mr. I'd love to see this game reprinted; I'd buy it the day of it's release!
23/07/2004 Jon Harrison    
20/07/2004 emmanuel lafont    
19/07/2004 sylvain lefrancois    
18/07/2004 alexandre Thomas    
17/07/2004 Cyril CADARS journaliste  
17/07/2004 Peer Sylvester    
15/07/2004 evangelos touparlakis    
15/07/2004 Jeremy Waterer    
13/07/2004   RICHARD    
13/07/2004 Andrew Goldman    
12/07/2004 Martin Munzel    
09/07/2004 Hamish Waterer    
08/07/2004 Etienne BESNARD Monsieur  
07/07/2004 Benoit Briere   Ce jeu est absolument magnifique! Bravo, et que nous puissions tous apprecier de nouveau cette formidable reussite de conception!
07/07/2004 Martin GLEIZE    
07/07/2004 Frank Demuth    
06/07/2004 stephane courby    
06/07/2004 Matthieu Braboszcz Mr  
04/07/2004 Guillaume CANONICI    
04/07/2004 Thomas VINCENT    
30/06/2004   Portier    
30/06/2004 Mario Lanza Mr.  
30/06/2004 Thi Viet Nga NGUYEN    
28/06/2004 Alexis CADROT    
27/06/2004 Matthieu Bissat    
25/06/2004   terris    
23/06/2004 Gilles Bouthenot    
23/06/2004 Brian Waters    
23/06/2004 Rasmus Wittsell   I owned the Amiga version once. There was a little miniature of a "crab" in the box. I found out later that the computer version was based on a board game, which I would REALLY love to have. Now both my Amiga and my game are long gone. I recall this as a truly ingenious game. Very challenging and hard to master. Why hasn't it been remade (officially) for the PC? It's a real shame! Excuse me for typing in English, but my French really sucks.
22/06/2004 Jeremy Matho M  
22/06/2004 xavier lafosse    
21/06/2004 Mathieu ROULY   Juste faites le ! Pas pour vous, pour nous :-)

21/06/2004 michel daviot    
21/06/2004 Robert Petolillo   Full Metal Planet rocked! I enjoyed playing both the board and computer game versions of it. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!
20/06/2004 Jean De Brugge   Please!
17/06/2004   Cascino   Ca me rappelle de biens bons souvenirs...
17/06/2004 Laurent Coraziari Mr  
17/06/2004 Steve van Bennekom   Please!
16/06/2004 pascal potot    
15/06/2004 hans gruber    
15/06/2004 Pierre GIRAUDEAU Mr Siouplait ressortez ce jeu !
15/06/2004 Markus Degen    
14/06/2004 Maja Dorn    
14/06/2004 Manuel Siebert    
13/06/2004 Michael Lang   Jawoll.
13/06/2004   Bouyer   Pour que ce splendide jeu revive !!
13/06/2004 Blanc Julien Monsieur  
13/06/2004 Art Art aussi    
13/06/2004 Claudius      
13/06/2004 Christophe Pignon    
13/06/2004 Richard Martinet    
13/06/2004 Arkhus le magnifique :)    
13/06/2004   Bataille    
10/06/2004 stephane arguimbau    
10/06/2004 fabrice cotini    
10/06/2004 Nelson Lamoureux   It absolutely needs to be republished!!!
10/06/2004 Michel Gaudry    
10/06/2004 Roman DROUART    
10/06/2004 Bernd Caspers    
08/06/2004 guilhem BOISSON   et aussi le plateau modulaire
07/06/2004 Xavier MARTIN    
07/06/2004 ROSTAIN Arnaud    
07/06/2004 Devi Hughes   I game this unique deserves to be in print.
07/06/2004 Philippe Beaudoin    
07/06/2004   Proffit    
07/06/2004 GRIMA Olivier    
07/06/2004 Jean-Yves Moyen    
07/06/2004 Akke Monasso    
07/06/2004   PUGLIESE    
07/06/2004   Delivorias    
07/06/2004 Laure Maillet    
07/06/2004 Arnaud Gonguet    
07/06/2004 Lionel PATTE    
07/06/2004 olivier urien    
07/06/2004 Emmanuel Baud    
06/06/2004 Jean-Baptiste BILLARD    
06/06/2004 Jean-Emmanuel Dupont    
05/06/2004 Nicolas Galand    
05/06/2004 Fabien DELTORT    
05/06/2004 Donald Myers    
05/06/2004 Xavier COUDRE    
05/06/2004 Sylvain St-Germain    
05/06/2004   LEYDIER    
05/06/2004 Ivan Hanley   For those of us who never got a chance to buy the original, please give us an opportunity to own and play this legendary game.
05/06/2004 Jose Luis Martin    
05/06/2004 Don Hessong   Very nice game which could benefit from a reissue very much. It would sell very well in the US market as well as the European market. We are all being deprived.
05/06/2004 Anthony Thompson    
05/06/2004 Arttu     FMP is one of the very best board games EVER. I'm happy with my own the game and expansionset , but would like others to have the chance to enjoy this great game!
04/06/2004 xavier dolci    
04/06/2004 olivier Hardy   Un "petit effort" pour "bcp de plaisir" alors quoi...
04/06/2004 jean-michel urien    
04/06/2004 Michel Dabout    
04/06/2004 IVETON Lionel    
04/06/2004   BOULITEAU Monsieur  
04/06/2004 Pierre Grout   Allez, un peu d'effort pour beaucoup de plaisir !
04/06/2004 philippe durand    
04/06/2004 Vincent BEUSELINCK    
04/06/2004 Cap'tain Tullamore Empereur  
04/06/2004 madeleine papin    
04/06/2004 philippe liebard petition FMP a quand la date de sortie?
04/06/2004 Christophe Collier    
04/06/2004 Marc Robinson    
04/06/2004 Tristan Marly    
04/06/2004 Vincent BILLARD    
04/06/2004 Arnaud FRANCOIS    
04/06/2004 bruno chapoutier