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SuperMouse is a Windows software that enables to manipulate the mouse for repetitive tasks.

SuperMouse is actualy very powerfull. Il manipulates the mouse like nobody.
It performs loop actions, clicks many ways, moves the mouse in lines or circles, waits wisely for an Internet page to be loaded, ... well a lot of marvelouse thinks.
Of course SuperMouse is freeware.
The source code of SuperMouse is available for download at the page 'My Source Code'.

SuperMouse possibilities:
Create, edit, save scripts.
Move the mouse in line or circle, clicks as you wish.
Tune up move speeds.
Coordinates relative to the screen, the active window or the median.

Loops until a duration (fixed or random) or a number of iteration.

Wait for a duration or for a pixel to take a specific color.
Labels, Goto and Conditions.
Start another program.
Simulate key pressings.

Here is some screenshots (click on the pictures to show it at normal size) :


See: SuperMouse a nice tool for creating mouse scripts and to handle with long and tiring actions on web pages for instance.

SuperMouse is written with Visual Basic 6. This means you need to have the VB6 Runtime on you computer. But fortunately, if you have Win98, WinMe, Win2000, or WinXP, the VB6 Runtime is automaticaly on your computer, so no problem.

Download SuperMouse (zipped 65 kb, unzipped : 188 kb)

Installation : unzip the files in the same directory.
Help : see the text file or click on the menu '?' in the main window of Supermouse.

If you have questions or if you like to give me you remarks, e-mail me.

Change log

What's New in Version 2.50?
Fixed bugs:
          - A script started automatically with a scheduled task could open but not run.
          - Goto-Return or Goto-End didn't works into a Condition action.
          - The automatic entry of coordinates using button [Locate] could display bad numbers if [Relative to:] had been changed in another action.
New features:
          - Possibility to define several pixels into actions Wait and Condition.
          - The command lign allows file's paths relative to the application's path.
Help updated: help file is now Html.

What's New in Version 2.40?
New feature: the Log action enables you to add a line in a log file.
Help updated: the list of available keywords for action Key is now complete.

What's New in Version
New features: Choose between Left,Middle and Righ for the mouse button to click.

What's New in Version 2.31?
     * New features: Wait for an random duration.

What's New in Version
Fixed bug:
          - Loops action.
New features:
          - Labels and Goto actions.
          - Condition action.
          - Coordinates relative to the screen median.
          - Move and delete a block of actions from the list.
          - Change the mouse icon when locate the coordinates of a pixel.