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V (Access2)


V - Access 2.0

(English release)

"V" is a wizard for Access 2.0 developers.
Setup and Use are the same than any other Access wizards.

"V" is very useful for its several creation tools . Il enables you to better understand the Access objects structures thanks to its browser tools. Finally, V gives you 2 powerfull analyser tools that enables you to see how the Forms and Queries have been made. "V" is FREEWARE.

The V tools:

Creation-arrangement tools : Analyzer-browser tools :
Compact a liked Database.
Change links for every linked Database.
Edit Queries SQL code with "Replace" features.
Find a specific text in Queries.
Create Label controls with 3D effect.
Add an Access picture (bitmap) to a Button control.
Apply saved "makeup" properties to Forms.
Generate Access Basic program code for a MessageBox.
DbEngine, WorkSpaces and Databases browser.
Containers and Documents browser.
TableDefs browser.
Relations browser.
Queries analyzer.
Forms analyzer.

Download V.MDA (zipped 94 Ko, normal : 384 Ko)

Set up:

  1. Put the V.MDA file in the Access directory,
  2. open Access, then open any Database,
  3. in [File] [Extensions] menu , choose [Extensions Manager]
  4. select V to setup it, you have to close Access and open it again to get the changes,
  5. then, the V tools are now available from the [File] [Extensions] menu, like any other wizard.

If you need information, or if you want to give me your impression , e-mail me.

(update 12/08/1998)