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Skrol 29's HomePage

skrol29_4 Hello, I present the following pages:

pins_rond_rouge My Softwares I am an VB/Access/SQL/PHP developer, and you can download some useful tools I made (Freeware).
pins_rond_rouge Painting Gallery A series of 31 paintings to visit through 3 rooms. These paintings have been realized by my brother Jean-Baptiste.
pins_rond_rouge Video tries Few short films that I have made.
pins_rond_rouge Board Games Tools, petition, discover, ... a small Board Game section.
pins_rond_rouge The French Language Some stuff about the French language.
Sorry, this page is only in French.
pins_rond_rouge The Itoura Moussongo's Page Some stuff about the singer Itoura.
Sorry, this page is only in French.
pins_rond_rouge Links

Sorry, this page is only in French.

Information, remarks, suggestions are welcome... pins_email e-mail me.