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Official Petition FULL METAL PLANET

Petition created on:
06-04-2004 Français  English  Deutsch  Italiano
Destinataires: The three Authors of the game FULL METAL PLANET
Subject of the petition: Reedition of the game FULL METAL PLANET
Number of signatures: 1,344   -> Signers List
Petition Manager: Skrol29
Sign this petition to support the reedition of the game FULL METAL PLANET.

FULL METAL PLANET is a super brilliant boardgame that had animated lot of game rooms and made many fan groups. It was published from 1988 till 1996 by Ludodélire. Today, this game could be sold again. But there's a problem: it's a work of collaboration between three Authors, and not all of them agree to publish it again.
When there will be enough signers, this petition will be communicated to the three Authors in order to convince them to authorize the reedition of FULL METAL PLANET.
Info : on 2022-10-04 the petition is closed.
News : on March 23th 2010, the petition has reached 1 000 signatures. This is the opportunity for us to call back the authors. Please sign the petition, even after the call back that will be send soon.
News: in December 2004, the petition of 240 signatures has been communicated to the three authors. But it didn't help to convince the last reticent author. So we let the petition open in order to have it continuing to grow. You can sign.

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