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Video tries

Here are my amateur video creations.

pins_carre_orange The Last Floor lde_extrait_ap lde_extrait_bp lde_extrait_ep lde_extrait_cp
Two friends go to a party but the lift doesn't stop where it should.
What kind of elevator is this? When will it stop? Where does it go?
The short film is less than 7 minutes long, it has been shooted in june 2005 during three complete days.
The post-production lasted several months.

Le short film
pins_carre_orange Advertising for the TinyButStrong software spot_arnaud spot_audrey spot_sebastien
This very short film presents the TinyButStrong software the way of an advertising.
This is my first short film, it is only 40 seconds long.
It has been shooted at the location in october 2002. It took one day to shoot.